Individual Facilitations – The Work of Byron Katie

I offer individual facilitations of self-inquiry. The technique I prefer to use for facilitations is The Work of Byron Katie.

The facilitations are done as video calls via Skype or Facetime.

You can read more about using a facilitator here: The Benefits of Individual Facilitations.

Length of session

Each session can take up to two hours.

While two hours might sound like a long time, time really does fly when you are doing inquiry. On average my individual sessions take about 1,5 hours but do reserve whole two hours just in case the session turns out to run a bit longer.

There are two reasons why I prefer to do these longer sessions:

  1. With clients that are new to inquiry, I often use several sub-questions which help to clarify how inquiry works and how to get the most of your inquiries. This also helps you to learn how to do inquiry on your own and enables you to go deeper with inquiries even without a facilitator.
  2. With clients that are already familiar with the basics of doing inquiry, I like to coach them to finding underlying thoughts and long held beliefs. Finding these and working on them does take considerably longer than simply doing a normal round of inquiry. Even though this does take more time, I have found this to be absolutely worth the extra time. Often you can find beliefs that you may have held for decades and which have negatively influenced your emotions and decisions in different life situations. Resolving these long-held beliefs can really make a big difference and change your outlook on several issues on one go.

By scheduling whole two hours, we don’t need to worry about running out of time and have the luxury of taking things at a comfortable pace.


The price of a single session is $120 USD, regardless of the time it takes to complete the session. We use as much time as we need to resolve your issue.

For continuity, you can also choose a package pricing:  $400 USD for four sessions.

While single sessions are like putting out fires as they flare up, continuity is key to making profound and lasting changes in your life and happiness. Highly recommended!

Booking a session

In order to book a session, please use my online booking calendar.

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