The Benefits of Individual Facilitations

Even though it is possible to do inquiry by yourself, I have found that working with another person can be very beneficial. Here are some reasons why I often prefer working with a facilitator myself:

  1. When a facilitator asks the questions, it is easier to concentrate on finding your own answers and pay attention to your experiences.
  2. The facilitator makes sure that you don’t stray from the inquiry process. The mind has a tendency to wander off and start coming up with new stories. When you know your facilitator will keep you on track, you can better relax and let your subconscious mind go free.
  3. Often times it is easier for emotions to come to the surface when there is another person present acting as a witness. I noticed this myself some years ago as I was getting more in touch with my emotions via Gestalt therapy. I have since noticed that the same applies to doing inquiry. The facilitator is not only asking the questions but being present as another human being, sharing the experience and bearing witness.
  4. Even though the basic technique is simple, there are numerous details and approaches that can make the process even more powerful. The difference between doing a simple inquiry session and a detailed one can be quite significant. These more advanced approaches are difficult to learn from books but are rather easy to adopt when working with an experienced facilitator.
  5. I sometimes find myself subconsciously postponing a session in order to avoid dealing with my negative emotions altogether. When I have scheduled a session with a facilitator, it is much more likely that I will follow through and actually get around to doing the inquiry. As soon as the session starts I feel much more relaxed and wonder why I didn’t do this much sooner.

If you are interested in trying an individual facilitation yourself, you can book a session here.