Introduction: Self Inquiry & Happiness

In order to find happiness and fulfilment in your life, my recommendation is to start with Self Inquiry. Not only will it help you significantly reduce stress and anxiety, it also gives a very good foundation for learning how to lead a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

In this blog I will be sharing with you two things:

1) How to use Self Inquiry in any stressful situation you might find yourself in.
2) My own approach to life, which I call “Relaxing into happiness”. This is a collection of insights and a simple technique which have made a big difference in my own life and happiness.

Learning Self Inquiry

While Self Inquiry is relatively easy to learn, I believe there is a lot of room for improvement on how inquiry is taught. This is why I am presenting a completely new way of looking at inquiry, which gives a more precise understanding of how exactly inquiry works.

Having a clear understanding of the mechanisms is very helpful for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike. This understanding really enables you to take your inquiries to a whole new level.

Different Self Inquiry techniques

Most of what I will be presenting in the upcoming videos is applicable to all types of Self Inquiry. The technique that I use most often myself is The Work of Byron Katie. This is also the technique I use for individual facilitations.

I have used The Work of Byron Katie hundreds, probably thousands, of times now and seen it work on pretty much anything. Not only has it worked for me, I have also seen first hand how this type of inquiry has solved some really tricky situations for others as well. I’m talking about real life situations that might have been causing a lot of anxiety and frustration.

I have even come across situations where I have thought, ok, I really don’t see how self inquiry could help in this case. And when I have started doing the session, I’ve been completely blown away with the results. The technique is that good!

In addition to solving everyday problems, frustrations and annoyances, inquiry can also have a big influence on your relationships, your life satisfaction and your overall happiness.

Watch my free video series

To learn more about how self-inquiry works, please watch my free video series “Fundamentals of Happiness“.